Samantha Atkinson

Samantha is responsible for ensuring the quality of medicines in the UK through a comprehensive inspection programme and the enforcement of medicines legislation. These responsibilities include the licensing of manufacturers and wholesalers, defective medicine reporting, unlicensed imports, borderline products, medicines testing and the publication of the British Pharmacopoeia.

Samantha was appointed to Director of IE&S at the start of 2018. Prior to this Samantha held several roles at the MHRA including Director of Business Transformation, Deputy Director for IE&S, and Scientific Director for the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Commission and Group Manager for the BP & Laboratory Services. Samantha also worked in the Inspectorate for several years, performing inspections, nationally and overseas. Prior to joining the MHRA, Samantha worked in industry for a number of years.

Samantha studied chemistry (BSc, MSc, PhD) at Reading University, completed an MBA at Warwick University and more recently has completed the Major Project Leadership Academy (MPLA). Samantha is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Visiting Research Fellow at Reading University, playing an active role promoting public sector opportunities to science graduates.